Before the Garden: Gods Eternal Continuum

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From the author who brought us The Prophet's Dictionary, Eternity's Generals and The Prophet's Handbook, Before the Garden: God’s Eternal Continuum takes its readers back to when and where everything about Jesus Christ and Christianity began; galvanizing people’s rediscovery of Christ, His word, and His faith. Before the Garden unearths a powerful journey through the fourteen eternal and earthly events that brought Jesus Christ into this world and birthed His church and reveals what will propel the Lord’s church forward in its destiny in this and future generations.






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Louis Dawson

Before the Garden: Gods Eternal Continuum

Daisy May
Before the Garden: God's Eternal Continuum

I think that is well put together, you can learn a lot.

Lakecia Reddrick

Awesome Book!

Nikai Trott
You Need to Read This Book

I recommend, to truly get the most out of this book, take your time and take notes; use a dictionary and a Bible to look up words, terms and scriptures that you believe you know and be amazed with the results. Do not concern yourself with trying to just finish or just get through it, allow God's Holy Spirit to minister to you and cellulate the truths on these pages within yourself. I urge you to read every page including the preface, prologue and introduction. Dr. Price is an authentic apostle and this book demonstrates the absolute need for the apostle's doctrine to establish God's sovereign elect; the revelation and knowledge you will receive, you will not find anywhere else.

Roxann Durrant
The title of the book captures you. It makes you stop and wonder what happened before the book of...

I've only read up to chapter 1 and my mind is swirling with information and challenges on how to incorporate the wisdom from the pages into my daily everyday life. Even the preface has valuable information. Who knew that there were fourteen events that brought Jesus to earth!??!! I recommend this book to all who truly what to know more about the man Christ Jesus; both believers and non-believers alike.