Where It All Began: The Elect v.s Christianity MP3

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Sermon: Dr. Paula Price. Chief Apostle 

Length: 1 Hour 


  • Religion
  • Marriage 
  • Adam and Eve 
  • Satan's Deception 
  • The Elect vs. Christianity 
  • Religions vs. Redemption 
  • The keys of hell and death


  • Genesis 3
  • John 8
  • Isaiah 14
  • Revelation 12

Sermon Highlights:

  • Religion is a demonic invention 
  • It was created to occupy the 200 plus angels that fell
  • It keeps you from reaching out to your creator 
  • God does not save religions but people 
  • To keep the planet going He has the sacred institution called marriage 
  • Marriage has a duty to bring His spirit into the planet 
  • It's how God brings His sacred and Holy seed into the planet 
  • Jesus was leading the army of Michael's military defeating the enemy 
  • Christ kicked Satan out of heaven 
  • We did not start on earth -- we are the only faith that did not start on earth 
  • They credit their offspring with physical genetics but not us 
  • Why are there so many gods? Because of the fallen angels 
  • All these religions were born on earth 
  • We came to earth, shipped here by the Holy Ghost 
  • Pentecost is our Earth Day!

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