What it Means to Have the Mind of Christ (mp3)

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Dr. Paula A. Price 


  • Being God in the flesh
  • We are NOT Christians
  • What it means to be in the Godhead
  • Dunamis
  • Apocalyptic Elect
  • God is A Thinker
  • Having the Mind of Christ

Sermon Highlights:

  • Every other religion knows that religion is genetic
  • The early church was taken out because it was organic
  • The other deities were losing their people
  • The early church raised Dorcas from the dead
  • God didn't raise just anyone from the dead
  • God is expedient and works to his advantage
  • God loves himself first
  • We are God's gemstones
  • Gemstones are not dead earth and rock in His world
  • Stones are living objects and carry the date of all the calling, mantles, and destiny
  • The stone was like a credit card in the ancient past
  • God brought our new creation spirit from heaven to earth on Pentecost and put that on us

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