We Are In the End Times: NOT THE LAST DAYS

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Sermon Series from Dr. Price 


  • The Apocalypse 
  • End Times 
  • Rapture 


  • Romans 8:19
  • Revelation 5 
  • Revelation 6 
  • Luke 21
  • Matthew 24

Sermon Highlights:

  • What is the apocalypse 
  • Apocalypse is not just the end times 
  • The apocalypse is a population 
  • We can stand when we know who we are 
  • We can’t just know it mentally but must live it 
  • Believe = the life of a being
  • Sainthood is not about us working to become an angel 
  • When angels die they are dead forever 
  • Ask Satan
  • God took him out forever 
  • Revelation 5:5
  • Jesus is privileged because he prevailed 
  • We want privilege without prevailing 
  • You can’t be prevalent without being pervasive 
  • You don’t get a place because you showed up but because you showed out 
  • Romans 8:19 says we are the apocalypse of the godhead 
  • Luke 21:25
  • The first sign should be in the sun, then the moon, and then the stars 
  • Nations are distressed artificially but not apocalyptically 
  • The “elite” created a pandemic 
  • The apocalypse cannot be pulled from headlines 
  • Fascination cannot masquerade as a revelation 
  • The seas are going to be turbulent 
  • False theology is affirming a false apocalypse 
  • The powers of heaven will be shaken, another sign 
  • We are the first power under heaven after Jesus Christ 
  • Then we will see the Son of Man coming in a cloud 
  • When these begin to come to pass, lift up your head because your redemption draw nigh 
  • Matthew 24
  • The last days are cosmic and not current events 
  • The first sign again is the Sun being darkened 
  • The moon will not give life is the second sign 
  • Then the stars shall from heaven 
  • We are no longer getting four seasons 
  • We only have one season, God’s wrath 
  • The powers of the “heavens” and not the earth will be shaken 
  • Shaken = loosened, dislodged, disturbed, upset, terrified 
  • Then the sign of the son of man shall appear in heaven 
  • He’s not coming back through earthly means because he has destroyed the earth 
  • He will be coming from the heavens 
  • The tribes of the earth shall mourn
  • The Son of man shall come in the clouds 
  • Then He sends the angels will gather together His elect 
  • Elect NOT Christians 
  • Gathered from one end of heaven to the other
  • God has angels who are going to rapture the elect offspring 
  • This apocalypse is eternal or earthly 

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