The Story of Death Volume 1: The Reason Why All Souls Die is Why We Need Eternal Life

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There is no more nagging question on earth than why people die. It is as consuming, if not more so than, why people are born.
As death’s mysticism unfolds in this book, it teaches you about itself. The pages to come divulge how it came to be and why it exists. Along the way, you discover what I did about mankind’s most devastating enemy.
“The Story of Death” articulates what makes death God’s perpetually terrifying agent, and its behavior so horrific. In the end you will come to see how death discharges its duties and responsibilities dispassionately, without harboring any hostility toward humanity. 

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The Story of Death.

Wow! All I can say is the vault has been open about death to us in this book.
The description of the creatures Dr. Price talks about had me like oh my goodness God has things down here we can't see with our natural eyes. When Dr. Price stated how we celebrate death in our culture that got me to thinking but I can't attempt to tell you all about the book it's to rich. Run don't walk go buy this book. To allow God to give you understand about death is priceless. Thanks Dr. Price ❤️ Iam getting smarter 😊 the best $10 I ever spent!

Lenora Enlow

The Story of Death by Dr. Paula Price (EBook)

Nancy Ware
Very enlightening

I so enjoyed this ebook. I have read it twice. I am going to purchase 3-4 of the books when it comes out for my family. I am so grateful for this insight.

M Shannon

This ebook is amazing. It unfolds many things about Death that is not common knowledge. After reading this ebook in it's entirety, I was grateful for the prayer of salvation at the end of the book! Knowing more about Death provides a different side of God. I am looking forward to the paperback version and Volume 2.

Thank you for your review M. Shannon