The Apocalyptic Era: Due Process of the Children of God

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Dr. Paula Price 

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  • It’s time for due process – due process deliverance. Due process requires legislation
  • Jesus came to restore us back to what He was before He incarnated 
  • We are the lion of Judah 
  • It’s bad to wake up a sleeping lion. We are awake. 
  • The Lion of Judah is roaring 
  • We are the sovereigns of the almighty — sovereigns represent rulers, governments 
  • Offsprings of the Godhead and Apocalyptic Elect 
  • Until someone puts you into the Office you just have good ideas, a little bit of influence and a strong wish to make things happen
  • We make change 
  • A dying king still has power 
  • God put the power in the scriptures so that anyone who wants to be converted can be converted 
  • We need to work the strategy 
  • The first strategy is to get in your seat in heavenly places and stop slumming 
  • The devils work every piece of flesh 
  • The prince of the world is coming and he has no place in you 
  • Don’t use demonic guilt to talk you out of it 
  • It makes you vulnerable 
  • Just because you make a mistake does not mean you are fired
  • If you engage the angels’ responsibilities they get involved 
  • They get involved on two levels: they get involved when the Sovereign has things in place that cannot be interrupted 
  • Angels get involved when we exercise our authority 
  • We may not all have thronal authority but we have sovereign authority 
  • We may not all have office-authority but we all have genetic authority 
  • We have offspring Godhead, thronal Elect authority 
  • God did not call us Christians
  • Christians are our earthly, worldly name but our eternal name is The Elect 
  • The authority we have is the same authority that our children have with us 
  • We are operating on a genealogical genetic connection 
  • As a direct offspring, we have rights and privileges, duties and responsibilities 
  • We have to stop being Christians and start being the Elect Offspring of the Godhead 
  • The world downgraded us to a religion 
  • We are the apocalyptic offspring 
  • This message is unveiling us 
  • Its also catalyzing and igniting us 
  • God did all of this with the seals 
  • He did it with wickedness, how much more us 
  • Don’t get caught up in the viruses that want to erode this revelation and cripple our apocalyptics 
  • Devils are not used to having to do anything but be in charge 
  • They are not accustomed to being challenged 
  • The world made us embarrassed about our power 
  • They called us fanatic 
  • We need to counter the rhetoric that made us back down off our authority 
  • We need to study the tactics from the 70’s until now that immobilized and paralyzed the church 
  • The reason prayer got kicked out of school is because they used the devils’ arguments to defend their case 
  • We say we have values and morals 
  • God does not have morality; He has righteousness 
  • We buy anything because our spirits have not been strengthened in us to convert our souls 
  • This is 100 percent about the wheel of the continuum turning again 
  • Study how the enemy took us out 
  • Learn all of your opponents’ plays so we don’t use any of them unless our use of it is better than theirs
  • Evangelicals know sovereign soul-saving but sovereign soul-making, we don’t know 
  • God is sovereign making. 
  • We are taking on the soul of the Almighty 
  • The soul navigates the earth and goes to heaven and hell 
  • The soul determines our strength in God 
  • We have been focused on everything of the spirit but we did not work on the soul 
  • Soul stuff hurts and it’s the soul that must be saved 
  • Jesus’ soul went to hell and he sent his spirit back home 
  • Darkness only works the soul 
  • They are dominating because they convert souls 
  • Souls must be converted and your spirit is re-created 
  • New creation spirit converts the soul – Psalm 19
  • The law is how our soul is converted 
  • The law of God converts the soul 
  • Our soul is your humanity 

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