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2024 Event Magazine now available ! 

Table of Contents

1.        Planting Prophet Everywhere Cover Page

2.        Table of Contents

3.        7 Days of Tulsa Schedule

4.        Chairman Corner - Planting Prophets Everywhere by Dr. Paula Price

5.        Emerging Leader’s Colloquium

6.        What is a Leadership Colloquium

7.        The Voice of Truth, Transformation, and Triumph! By Dr. Kevin Robinson

8.        Meet The Speakers Senator Nathan Dahm and Pastor Jon Bates

9.        Revitalizing Prophetic Outreach for the 21st Century by Dr. Paula Price

10.  Giving God A Vote by Apostle Tracy Pelt

11.  Giving God Access Apostle Steven Holt

12.  Paula Price Success Center

13.  PPM Global Assessments Resources

14.  Weapons of Warfare Youth by Apostle Ashleigh

15.  Who Made Satan a God by Dr. Paula Price

16.  Why Prophets Are God's Answer to Darkness by Chief Prophet Tala Price

17.  Spirit of Faith Political Prophetics Podcast

18.  Confronting the Occult with Chief Tala Price and Prophet Elizabeth Tiam-Fook

19.  The Weapons of Our Warfare Syllabus with Dr. Paula Price

20.  Faith’s Omniscient Origins: Scientizing the Prophetic by Prophet Angela




Format: Physical Book 

Pages: 24 

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