Navigating God's Prophetic Realm (Full Set)

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Having written The Prophet’s Dictionary; the Ultimate Guide to Supernatural Wisdom;  I understand how the prophetic is about more than prophesying. In fact, it involves dynamics and dimensions that can only be mastered through extensive training, research, and study. Navigating God’s Prophetic Realm is an introductory tutorial series exploring the prophet’s role in the five-fold, the spirit behind the power of the prophet’s mantle and the power of the prophet’s mantle. Begin your journey in the realm of the prophetic or sharpen your current skills as a prophetic vessel and spread the word to others who needs this life changing tutorial.

As part of the 15:30 Tutorial Series, this online 3-part class features three video teachings.

  • Understanding Prophecy's Foundations
  • What Makes Prophecy Manifest
  • The Spirit Behind the Power of our Words
  • Working with the Holy Spirit

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