Mind of Christ, Thoughts of God

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Let This Mind Be in You That Was Also in Christ Jesus! 

Sermon Highlights:

  • Jesus in us makes us miracle workers 
  • All of us should be able to cast out devils, heal the sick and raise the dead 
  • We are not sinners saved by grace 
  • We are either sinners or saved 
  • The blood works or it doesn’t work 
  • I took it or borrowed it 
  • We must learn the thoughts of God 
  • We are not God though we are His offspring 
  • We have His mind because we are filled with the fullness of the Godhead 
  • The soul didn’t change upon salvation 
  • The purpose of the spirit is to change your soul 
  • What does God think about?
  • God thinks about never being vulnerable, killed, or unseated 
  • What does it mean to think “I am never going to be defeated”? 
  • Thinking like God means that if I am defeated I take creation with me 
  • He is the first and the last 
  • The first thinks that the second can never overtake them 
  • God is Alpha and Omega 
  • He is cause and finish 
  • He will wipe out his entire creaturehood before he lets it defeat him 
  • God thinks He can remake what He made 
  • The mind of Christ thinks the thoughts of God 
  • Let this mind be in you that was also in Christ Jesus 
  • The mind of Christ says “I will not let My Father take a hit”
  • Jesus is not okay with what we gave away 

Instructor: Dr. Paula A. Price 

Format: Audio MP3

Length: 1 hour and 6 minutes 

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