Dunamite Lab: Manifesting Miracles

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Dunamite Lab Class: Manifesting Miracles

Length: 1h 6 minutes

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Sermon Highlights:

  • Our nation began to recognize the glue of the country was not religion, but Jesus Christ 
  • Their goal was to break us from the world 
  • The tool that used to do it was "Meism" 
  • This was about my home, family, faith, and the like 
  • We cannot not talk about Christ without mentioning "my"
  • Jesus as the logos is the code 
  • Our technology is the downgraded version of this
  • He understands what it means to be pure energy and power 
  • He knows scripture because it's the entire bios and ecosphere of God's creation 
  • Jesus knew that Satan knew the law of creation 
  • How to Achieve Your Goal:
  • Define it 
  • Want it 
  • Believe it 
  • Write it down 
  • Split it up 
  • Review it 
  • Schedule it 
  • Make it happen 


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