Apostolic Readiness Coursebook: The Soul of Apostleship Purified

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About This Coursebook

"For the last decade or so, I have worked diligently to develop curricula for Christian ministers. Specifically, I focused on filling a critical void in God’s kingdom service; that of quality learning and training materials for apostles and prophets. Nearly twenty years of research and work was put into producing dozens of courses, classes, textbooks, and workbooks. The Apostleship Readiness Course is the main of these works, although there are numerous other resources for fivefold education and training, and a range of specialized prophetic content as well. From training to governing, apostleship and the prophetic finally have sufficient education and training materials to become uniform and thereby credible. Educating and equipping them can now be standardized, what is needed for quality dissemination of its wisdom and knowledge and its long term establishment as a kingdom institution."

-Apostolic Readiness Course: Soul of Apostleship Purified, Dr. Paula Price


Note: This training manual contains one semester of activities and development for an apostleship focused course. It may be adjusted to the needs of a specific class or training course, at the discretion of the instructor. This is the manual only, and does not come with live lectures.


eBook Format.