2020 Apocalyptic Prayer Project Summary (Free Download)

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Download the overview of the special 2020 Apocalyptic Prayer Project for apostles and prophets.

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R Williams
2020 Apocalyptic Prayer Project Summary

Great prayer article.
Pls note. the other week I purchased a prophetic assessment and never received a response. maybe you could look into that. Tks.

Thank you for your review.
For PAQ inquires, please call (877) 419-1299 or email us at service@ppmglobalresources.ocm. We also emailed you regarding this request.

PPM Global Marketplace Team

Jacob Sainz
Re: download

Yes, I will keep this short. As I'm still really discecting this and making sure I become one with these scriptures, even though I've read them hundreds of times, I'm shifting into a greater revelation of this. Not only because we are the offspring of Christ but because I am of natural and spritual Israel also... my parents are Hebrew, but Christian up bringing. I'm not just blessed by this because I have been studying the courts of Heaven the past three 1/2 years, on judicial prayer and how we are a part of the operation of establishing and enforcing verdicts from our Fathers Throne and Judicial system in Heaven. This Apocalyptic Prayer project has taken me to a whole new revelatiom and place in the supernal realm in understanding my place and function on another level. I'm praying about Taking the Mentorship program aswell. Thank you though. This is a powerful blessing.

Abel Davila
Thank you Jesus!

I am so grateful for Gods hand in directing me to Apostle Price and her ministry. Her love for Christ radiates and convicts each of us to continue seeking his face. Thank you Apostle Price and Apostle Claytor for your commitment to our Savior.

Shari Moore
Excellent product

It is a loaded tool to help me in prayer strategy. I appreciate the wisdom you share with us.

Linda Warren

It is a great help to me for my studies. I so appreciate your wisdom and how the Lord uses you