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New Release! Before the Garden: God's Eternal Continuum

Paula A. Price, PhD
Now available, get your copy of Dr. Paula Price's newest book, Before the Garden: God's Eternal Continuum. A complete history of God's eternity through the scriptures. Themes like, the origin of sin, why God did not start over after Adam and Eve sinned in the garden, what was happening before "let there be light", the war in heaven, where heaven and hell are and how the light and darkness struggle got started; and so much more.  Find out what hundreds of others have already discovered. Get your copy today!


Black Friday 2014

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Apostleship Essentials
Apostleship is an Attitude of Power (Webinar)
9 Essential Faculties of an Apostle (eBooklet)
"Branding Apostleship" by Dr. Paula Price (PDF Download)
The Prophet & The Supernatural
Constructing the Contemporary: Prophet & The Occult Short Course (PDF)
Astrology Teaching (Download)
False Gods, False Christs Webinar
The Prophet's Handbook Bonus Pack 
Constructing the Contemporary Prophet Webinar with Dr. Paula Price (Pre-Recorded)
Constructing the Contemporary Prophet: Native Abilities of The Prophet
Constructing the Contemporary Prophet: The Prophet & The Occult Mini Class
Money is a Spirit Bonus Pack
Money is a Spirit eBook
What is Marketplace Ministry, Really? (Download)
Marketplace Prophetics I and II (Download)
The Power to Get Wealth (Download)
Heavenly Principles for Earthly Wealth (Download)
Before the Garden Gift Set
Before the Garden eBook
Before the Garden Interview CD with Chapter 1 Reading
The 14 Events Continuum I and II (Audio Set)
What the Bible's All About (Download)
Before the Garden Special Edition $35.00
Signed Copy: Before the Garden: God's Eternal Continuum
The 14 Events: God's Eternal Continuum I and II (Download)
Love and Marriage Bonus Pack Set:
Marriage Mythbusters
Love is Supernatural
Soul Stalkers: Breaking the Ties (Download)