Building Your Apostolic Commission Team: A Six-Week Online Course

Apostles face tremendous opposition in establishing the kingdom of God, largely because their mandate is missing something vital, and that something is The Commission Team. The purpose of the Commission Team differs from the responsibilities of the church congregation; however, many apostles or those called to partner with them cannot pinpoint the distinction between the two entities.  Chief Apostle Paula Price, author of God’s Apostle Revived, Eternity’s Generals, The ABC’s of Apostleship Series and The Prophet’s Dictionary reveals the mystery of discovering and establishing your commissioning team in power-packed 6-week training course.

    • Laying the Foundation for Defining the Commission
    • Validating Your Commission
    • Commissioning Terminology
    • Orientation to Building Your Commission Team
    • Elements of Building Your Commission Team
    • Screening Team Candidates
Teams and Classes of 5 students or more are eligible for a 10% discount per student. For more details, call us at 877-419-1299.


Jesus Before Time Began:  Identifying Our Godhood Nativity: An 8-week Online Course


How much do you know about Jesus, before the time spent on earth? The Jesus that was, before the foundation of the world?  The Jesus Classes teach Jesus Christ as He is. The first course introduces the situation the Body of Christ faces as she fights for her Christ Identity. The course begins with the Pre-carnate Jesus Christ and what He did before He became flesh.
    • What Happened at The Beginning?
    • Christ and The Solution
    • The Man Christ Jesus
    • The Origins of Salvation
    • What Makes Christianity Different?
    • The Introduction of Eternal Life
This class is a great companion to the Before the Garden: Gods Eternal Continuum book.  Also ideal for: Intermediate to advanced prophetic students, bible study classes or small groups, ministers classes or academy. 10% OFF group registrations of 5+.

Classes Only: $49.99

Course + Certification: $65.00