The Prophet's Handbook: A Guide to Prophecy and Its Operations

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The prophetic gifts are still operating today. Discover Gods divine plan for them and how they are meant to benefit and not hinder the body of Christ. The Prophets Handbook details the roles and duties of the prophetic in the church and clearly explains its necessity. As an indispensable reference, this comprehensive text is something no church leader should be without. Dr. Paula Price intelligently and skillfully explains the function and responsibilities of local church prophets and those who prophesy. Her years of research and ministry have led to the ultimate guide to prophecy in the local church.


"Everything you wanted to know about the prophetic, but didn't know WHO to ask. This book is a must have for every member of the Body of Christ. I have ordered more copies of this book and given them away that any other book I've ever read!! Where was this book 10 years ago? Dr. Price lays out everything from A-Z that deals with the prophetic and its role in today's church. If you want to go higher and deepen your understanding of the prophetic and its function, then this book is for you. Don't forget to get the companion The Prophet's Dictionary too."-Teresa Bourn, reader

"Not only is this book a must-have for Prophets, but it will give other offices insight into what the function
of a Prophet is, how they operate and for what purpose.If you are a Prophet, or want to understand Prophetic
language, you should also get her other book, The Prophet's Dictionary."-C. Phillips, reader

"Very good, informative." Eric

"I like how Dr. Paula Price breaks down everything you need to know about prophecy and the prophetic office especially if God places you into the office of the supernatural. I would recommend to others if they are called into the prophetic ministry or want to know about the prophetic."-Monique Pierce